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Gameworld Seven Ltd offers a wide range of services covering every stage of production for the games industry.

Pre-production Process
At Gameworld Seven we believe in design-led development and understand that in order to make a great game you first need the foundation of a clear and comprehensive great design.
We can expand on your concept, providing additional ideas for your internal teams to consider, or produce complete documents concentrating on specific areas of design such as core mechanics, accessibility, playability, editor functionality, structure, learning curve, level designs, scripts and character profiles.

In production
All too often the realities of game production mean too little time is available to truly realise the potential of a product. The addition of experienced resource to your project team can help ensure milestones and payments are not missed. Alternatively, why not negate this risk by booking our time in advance?
Gameworld Seven is experienced in a wide range of industry standard and bespoke tools for designing and building environments, missions or levels. Other than custom tools, our current experience covers these packages:

3DS Max
SoftImage and XSI
Adobe Photoshop
Macromedia Director and Flash

All we require is a clear brief from your own design team to get us started on your project.

When its nearly all over
Nearing the end of production, you will need comprehensive testing performed. We have much experience of testing products and can produce detailed, useful bug reports. We can also bring a large number of game players from a wide demographic and of varying experience, so that you get a realistic set of data.
If what you need is independent feedback on how your game plays, we can help here too. Our team can give useful recommendations on any type of product. We think that it is important to have an outside view from people who have not been working on the product.
We can also tune and re-sequence levels or missions to smooth out the learning curve - or even pitch the product at a different market sector.